(via Designers Party : Ewha Womans University Campus Center : Dominique Perrault)

Louis Kahn, Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem, Israel, 1965 

Carlo Scarpa @ Architectural Faculty Venice [1966,1972, 1985] #1 by d.teil 

Art Forum

"I do not relate to things such as popularity. It is completely vague and unknown to me what it means. I still live basically the same life. I do not have and I do not need material things. My material world is extremely small and limited. …
I own one single suit that I’m wearing right now and in the last 25 years I’ve never had another suit. And the shoes that I’m wearing I’ve been wearing for 3 years and they are my only pair of shoes. I need to replace them because they are starting to come apart. …
I have a car that I’ve had for 12 years. It’s fine, I enjoy life and things are very basic. I don’t have social networks in the Internet for example. I don’t even have a cell phone.”
Werner Herzog | The Talks

Split-level Housing (1969-71) in Stuttgart, Germany, by Peter Faller and Hermann Schröder

I.M.U.A.B.Central Building, district 3, Bucharest

Project Hotel in Puerto Natales, Chile
Sebastián Valdivia